Personal Training and Fitness Programs

Fitness and Wellness Center at Fairwood Golf and Country Club

The Fitness Center

Fairwood's Facility

Fairwood’s state-of-the-art fitness center is spacious and offers everything from weight training and cardio machines to group fitness.

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Personal Trainer and Health Coach at Fairwood Golf and Country Club

Ian Anderson is the Founder and C.E.O of Zoetic, an organization working to enhance individuals' health, happiness and success. Ian
splits his time between serving members here at Fairwood GCC & Triton Towers. He is an expert in human performance optimization, individual and organizational wellness, and culture transformation. Prior to founding Zoetic, Ian worked for a large workforce performance consulting firm, a utility company, an elite international school, and an athlete development company.


Fitness Classes

Fairwood's fitness staff provides both private and group classes to take your fitness to the next level. Personalized program design and training sessions focused on your specific goals and needs. These sessions will use a variety of training techniques, exercises and equipment to keep you engaged and help you achieve lasting results that you will love. At Fairwood, a variety of fitness classes are offered including:
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • HIIT
  • Ab Blast
  • Senior Fittness
  • Youth Strength & Conditioning
  • Group classes & private training
CLICK HERE to message Fairwood's Personal Trainer & Health Coach to book a class. 

Nutrition Meal PlansSalad bowl

Your health, well-being and happiness are heavily impacted by what you put in your body. At Fairwood, you can purchase goal-oriented nutrition plans, or setup a free consultation with the fitness staff to find out more about the health coaching program.


The Zoetic 8 Pillar Model for Health, Happiness, and Success
Health & Life Coaching

Zoetic Health Coaching uses an 8 pillar model to help you achieve health, happiness and success in a sustainable way. Your coach will help you to define your goals with regards to health, fitness, and other key areas of your life before helping you to design and implement a program that will help you to achieve success. Your coach will keep you accountable and help you to develop a healthy relationship between your physical, psychological and emotional self. The Zoetic Life Coaching Program is suitable for high school and college students, and adults of all ages. Your coach will help you to define your personal and professional goals, design effective strategies to achieve success, overcome obstacles, guide you through behavior modification and personal growth, while keeping you accountable. Your coach will help you to take control of your future plans and create a healthy, successful life that you love.