Golf Stretch & Yoga Fitness

Class Schedule:
 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 10 am in the ladies locker room; 


3 classes or more $10 per class
 Less than 3  classes $15 per class

This class is for all fitness levels. No prior yoga experience needed. This yoga series is intended to maximize strength, endurance & flexibility simply using your own body weight and breath awareness. Accommodations are offered for varying levels of fitness & flexibility. Relieve tension from the body, and stress from the mind, come take a class today!


Colleen Jordan-Fernandez has a deep love and respect for the power of yoga & has been practicing this powerful art since 1997.  Due to her yoga training, many years of weight lifting and 30 years as a massage therapist, her yoga practice is focused on proper alignment, injury prevention, body awareness and the joy of a peaceful mind.